Coffee Roaster 4KG Stand Type|EVO-IV

EVO-IV Professional 4Kg Stand Type Roaster

The only appointed roaster for WCE* Taiwan roasting championship in 2013-2015.
* World Coffee Events by SCAA and SCAE.

Roaster Master Favorite.
Multiple sets of digital monitor for bean temp, air-flow temp, cooling temp, timer and drum speed.

2015 latest Features
►Specially designed burner and Insulation board to maintain heat inside the chamber of drum, allowing gas saving and more evenly roasting. Moreover, to reach "first crack" phase just need 7 mins.
►Very powerful cooling fan offers quick cool down for the beans, drops to 36℃ just under 4 minutes.
►The newly design hopper increased the caliber to speed up the green bean to fall in the drum in less than 4 seconds.

 Smart Features : Auto gas ignition makes gas saving easy and safe 、quick and easy to light up, for security purpose, when temp goes over the warning temp or having a blackout, the flame will shut down automatically. During regular roast, will restore the flame when burns out.
 Data logging function : Built-in with USB cable data capture function, easy to record or display real-time roasting data (work with most software). This allow you to improve your roasting experience.

Packing size:170x79x176(cm)
Packing weight:305Kg
Type:Half Hot-air