About BellaTW 

Design and manufacture in Taiwan 

BellaTW specialized in the coffee roaster business. Our company was founded in 1999, with head office in Taipei, Taiwan. BellaTW is a vibrant company that specializes in the design and manufacture of coffee roasting equipment. With years of experience in the coffee industry, we care for our customers and offer wide selection of excellent roasting machines.

We offer selection from 500g to 40Kg professional coffee roaster machine, with selection of direct-fire and half-hot air type. Our fine roasters are made only in Taiwan and built to last, every detail using the best materials available, such as our roaster drum only made with QUALITY CAST IRON.

Our success is being built upon a foundation of many years of experience in the coffee roasting industry. Combine with new technology, detail craftsmanship, and user-friendly setting our roasters can help to achieve coffee roasting perfection and is why for many years we are the leading roaster provider in Taiwan along with other countries in Asia. Our customers come back to us for the best roaster solutions that help growing their coffee roasting businesses.


The 4Kg roaster EVO-4S and 500g roaster Mini500 Plus are the only appointed roasting machine for 2013-2019 WCE Taiwan Coffee Roasting Championship.


At Bella Taiwan, our mission is to provide the best roaster and be a household name in the coffee roasting industry. We continue to innovate and to meet the coffee industry high standard. We do not just provide simple machine, but we provide world-class roasting machine with world-class quality and service.